We continue to worship online this week, on Zoom, which will live stream to YouTube. Our churches remain open for private prayer. 

Services on Sunday 28th February 2021 - Second Sunday in Lent
There are no services in either church, please join us online

9:30am  A Service of the word on Zoom
              Join us live on Zoom . Meeting ID: 857 6554 8316 Passcode: 968326
              Download the order of service (with Readings)
9:30am  YouTube Live Stream of zoom service
10:30am Zoom Virtual Coffee, Meeting ID: 831 3064 3741 Passcode: 667202
6:00pm   Churches Together United Lent Service
               The Raising of Lazarus - ‘that they may believe that you sent me’ John 11.42
               Led by Fiona Crocker
               Meeting ID: 885 9245 3248
               Passcode: 521765

Watching remotely:

  • The 9:30 service will be live on Zoom and YouTube. You can also watch it later on YouTube, along with all our recent services.
  • Please note that by joining any of our Zoom Services streamed to YouTube or Facebook, you are consenting to appear online in public. Please switch off your video if you or any of your household would prefer not to appear. 
  • Please use the chat functions to tell us you are watching, say Hi or pass on Prayer Requests.
  • The service can also be listened to by telephone from Monday morning on 01453 708200.
  • If you have any feedback on the on-line services live streaming please email or call Fiona.
  • If you, or someone you know, would like any help with Facebook, Zoom or YouTube, please let us know and we'll do our best.

The Week Ahead

  • Morning Prayer at 9.00 on Facebook Live Monday - Friday. If you have any prayer requests, please do let us know.
  • Both churches will be open for Private Prayer daily 10am-4pm
  • Wednesday 7:30pm Loved and Liked Lent Course on Zoom. Meeting ID: 844 8400 0463 Passcode: 236433
    For more information visit and see more below in notices
  • Services on Sunday 7th March
    • 9:30am Zoom Service of the Word (also on YouTube)
    • 6.00pm Churches Together United Lent Service on Zoom, led by Phil Summers
    • No Service in either church

For your prayers:

  • The frontline workers responding to the pandemic.
    • Wisdom for the government and their advisors as they make difficult decisions.
    • All those working on the vaccine and its distribution.
    • In the life of our community: Rednock School.
    • In the life of our church: The outreach of Facebook, YouTube and our church website.
    • Within ‘Churches Together’: St George’s.
    • The homes and families of: Meadow Vale, Springfields, New Road, Dursley Road, Blackboys and Taits Hill.
    • Those suffering or sorrowing, especially: Barbara, Margaret, Dave, John, David and Roger.
    • The recently departed

Starting from February 24th for 6 weeks is our Lent Course, 'Loved and Liked'. For more information visit This is for everyone to join in with; It is for us to explore how much we are loved by God and our response to this - is this your opportunity to strengthen your faith,  to spend a little more time with God for Lent? No need to have any previous knowledge.  Any questions about it please contact Fiona. All welcome. If you would like a paper version of the course please get in touch with Fiona who has some available at the vicarage.

The past year has been very difficult, but many of us have experienced moments of comfort when we have felt encouraged and have been reminded us of all that is good about our lives. These may have been quite small things – noticing a flower in the garden; enjoying listening to music or birdsong; catching up on WhatsApp with a friend.  For our Lent blog this year you’re invited to share these ‘glimpses of heaven’.  Do join in by writing something about a moment in your day, or something you have read, seen or heard that has helped you and reminded you of God’s love and care.
Your contributions can be added by going to our special Facebook Group and  page where you add your thoughts and we’ll schedule them to appear. They can also be emailed to Andrew or Sophia Please do follow the page on facebook and you’ll be able see glimpses of heaven popping up everyday in Lent.

The St George Kidz Team are inviting you to take up a fun, creative challenge over Lent. There are 3 challenges per week, with a total of 18 challenges to attempt over the six weeks. Have a go at 1, 10 or all 18, it’s completely up to you! The challenges will be on St George’s Facebook page on Thursdays, Friday’s and Saturdays and in the school newsletters. 
Each idea encourages you to build a part of Jesus’ story from the Gospels in the Bible. Read the story attached to find out where the challenge fits in. If you have a Bible handy, you can even try and be a Bible detective and read where it comes from!
You can invent, design and construct using anything you like, from kits like Lego or K’nex to cardboard and paper. The whole family can get involved together. If you would like to, then take a photograph of your finished piece and send on WhatsApp to Rev Fiona 07817021196. If you do this, they will then be posted on Facebook too. So only send if you are happy for them to go on Facebook. Looking forward to seeing your 



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