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The best method for regular giving is the Parish Giving Scheme a direct debit scheme which enables churches to get Gift-Aid back immediately and has no fees at all. You can set this up to be a monthly, quarterly or annual payment and can also choose for it to be inflation-adjusted.

Most of our current givers in this scheme choose to have their giving automatically increased by inflation each year, which is a great benefit to us. You can easily alter this and other choices at any time. We also get provided with annual summaries on calendar and tax-year bases, so anybody in the scheme can be provided with this information.
Click the button of your choice to set up a regular donation via the Parish Giving Scheme

Cam St GeorgeStinchcombe St Cyr
or it can be done over the telephone by ringing 0333 002 1271.

Alternatively, you can give by Standing Order or a one-off BACS payment;
please contact the relevant church treasurer for the church bank details.

Online Giving:

You can also give online, through Give A Little, by clicking on these buttons or scan the QR code with your smart phone.

Donate to Cam St George




Donate to Stinchcombe St Cyr




You can also donate in church at Cam, St George by a card payment on a card device.

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