Bible Course

Would you like to understand the Bible just a little more? Would you like to hear what others have to say about this amazing book? The Bible has been one of the World's top selling books for years and has fascinated many across the years. 

St George's Church is starting the Bible Course in Sept/October 2019.

  • Wednesday Evenings at Holly's, 47, Brunel Road, 7:45pm -starting on 2nd October 2019 
  • Thursday Evenings at Isobel's, 7:45pm, starting 12th Sept, Fortnightly, women only. (Please note currently full- contact Fiona)
  • Thursday Evenings at Peter and Sara's , 8pm starting 3rd October (fortnightly).

If you would like to know before attending, please ring Fiona on 07817021196 or email or watch this

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